A Post-natural History of galleon

Galleon (2016) is a continuously evolving sculptural installation and stop motion animation exploring a post-human history of the natural world.  Galleon was launched at the University at Albany Art Museum as part of the exhibition Future Perfect: Picturing the Anthropocene in 2016.  

Galleon is a projection of a future where the "natural" world only exists within a fabricated consciousness. In this consciousness, information regarding the physical-natural world is corrupt and misinterpreted, creating a landscape of unnatural fauna and false geology. The title "Galleon", warship class vessel, serves as the antithesis of the “Ark” of the Great Deluge described in myths. 

Through the evolution of the installation at the museum the scenic sets changed and grew, new creature/ armatures were introduced to the film production, and objects of curiosity were collected and interpreted to feed the information going into the film.  The “living” element to Galleon is the how objects such as plastic toy models, advertisements from periodicals, photographs of landscapes and technical apparatus become part of the observable present. The film becomes the observable future.  


Galleon (2016) Trailers can be viewed at the University At Albany Art MUseum.  



Fauna and Geology

The fauna depicted in Galleon are headless creatures but they are creatures of consciousness. Each creature is designed in reference to an extinct or endangered species, their forms continue to evolve over the production of the film. The actions of the creatures are based on interpretations of nature documentaries and science fiction films such as those created by Ray Harryhausen and Willis O'Brien.

The geology of Galleon is false and is composed of fabricated bedrock and outcroppings. Basic mineral deposits and crystallization of copper, iron and salt give hue to the world's archaic landscape.  


Pleiades and Consciousness 

Myth and theory collide in Galleon.  The Pleiades reoccur in Galleon's night sky and lurk as dim beacons through transparent backdrops.  The Pleiades image is that of the view from Earth, giving the true location of Galleon in the Universe. In Greek mythology, the Pleiades sisters were transformed into birds and then into stars by Zeus as they wished to evade pursuit by Orion. As mortals they transcended the physical realm and they continue to watch over the Earth and Sea for eternity.  


More still images from Galleon (2016)

Models for interpretation and installation views